Bird List

The first tab of the big list contains a list of all the species of birds on the Ontario list. I have the species ranked based on how likely I am to see them (remember the codes?). As you can see by scrolling down to the bottom I have 215 species ranked as code 1 (meaning that these 215 species are guaranteed on my big year), 66 as code 2, 38 as code 3, 39 as code 4, 63 as code 5, and 62 as code 6 ("mega-rarities" that I am extremely unlikely to come across). To break the record, I will need to see all of the code 1 and code 2 birds, 33 of the 38 code 3 birds, and 25 of the codes 4-6 birds. For every code 1-3 bird I miss, I will need to see an additional code 4-6 bird.

Download the list here: