Monday, 26 September 2011

Some additional shots from the Bruce

For some reason Blogger was being a little b*tch last night and I was having a bit of trouble uploading photos, so I only put a few up. Here are a couple additional photos from the weekend.

enjoying the beach at Singing Sands

have you EVER seen a happier looking dog? - Singing Sands

Wolf Spider with young - Singing Sands

Cool to see one up on the Bruce. (Common Buckeye)

Mantis - Cyprus Lake (photo by Kaylyn McCaw)

Patrick doing his thing (photo by Kaylyn McCaw)

full extension - The Grotto

Northern Leopard Frog

Also forgot to mention - on the way home, my car stopped in Mount Forest for a little bit of a stretch break. East of the bridge downtown (where they are doing construction) is a fairly extensive floodplain with some muddy edges. We found 8 species of shorebirds here, including 1 White-rumped and 1 Wilson's Snipe. Various dabbling ducks were around, as was 1 Osprey, 1 Double-crested Cormorant, 2 Green Herons, and 2 Great Egrets. This is probably the best spot I know of in Wellington County for shorebirds at the moment.

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