Friday, 21 October 2011

Recent happenings

Yesterday, after competing a midterm, David Bell and I headed down to Hamilton to do a lakewatch. The weather was perfect:  45+ km/h northeast winds. Brandon did a full write-up of the sightings of the day here:

Despite not arriving until 2:30, we had the majority of the species that Brandon mentioned. Seeing all three species of jaegers within an hour was pretty cool, as was the adult Little Gull that was flying with about a dozen Bonaparte's Gulls. Unfortunately I didn't see the Kittiwake(s) that was around. There was also a Yellow-billed Loon reported from the New York side of Lake Ontario a few days ago, last seen flying west. Unfortunately this bird didn't materialize at Van Wagner's!
I didn't take any photos due to the crappy weather.

Today I went for a 2 hour hike around the arboretum in Guelph, taking the advice of friend and fellow student Reuven Martin. He was there yesterday and had huge numbers of all the expected mid-late October migrants.

The day did not disappoint! Among the highlights were cracking looks at an Orange-crowned Warbler, an Eastern Towhee, 39 Hermit Thrushes (yep - I counted every last one), 5 Blue-headed Vireos (a pretty good count for October 21!), and my first 3 Fox Sparrows of the year. I also had both Swamp and Lincoln's Sparrow to round off a good afternoon.

So what's next on the agenda? I am heading to Hawk Cliff tomorrow with the U of G wildlife club, and then on Tuesday/Wednesday I am going on a road trip for 4/5 days to look for herps....more info on that trip coming up soon. It should be epic, with loads of salamander species!

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