Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Flamenco flamingo

This past weekend, Laura and I went to Spain. Amidst exploring the old city, biking along the beach, enjoying tapas, watching street performers, and unsuccessfully attempting to converse with the locals, we also managed to get out and do some birding for an afternoon at the Delta del Llobregat. I will post a thorough report of this day once I get back to wintery Canada. For now, I'll leave you with some shots of 3 of the 50-odd species we saw at the Delta.

The most common of all the teal

Common Teal - Delta del Llobregat

"Hey cool, its another egret flying by." (takes photos, and looks at them) "Wow, it has a weird bill....oh %$#@ its a spoonbill!"

Eurasian Spoonbill - Delta del Llobregat

We saw our first wild flamingos! Sure they may be somewhat common in this area, but we were pretty stoked.

Greater Flamingo - Delta del Llobregat

We are back in Edinburgh for the rest of this week until I fly back home on Sunday.


 Big year news.... on February 26th, Peter Middleton found a possible Slaty-backed Gull in Owen Sound and it was reported to ONTbirds yesterday morning. I haven't heard any reports, positive or negative, since. If it is still being seen that is my number one priority when I get back to Ontario.

Additionally both the Ottawa Varied Thrush and the Sault Ste. Marie Varied Thrush are still being seen. Which one should I go for? I've already struck out on the Ottawa bird twice(!) already so the Soo bird seems tempting, even though its an extra 2 hours drive. Plus I've vowed never to return to Ottawa again.


  1. Heerman is waiting for you.

  2. I guess you can't go see the Heermann's then :p

  3. Good thing heerman didn't stick around then ;)