Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Off to Pelee

I got in the door about an hour ago from another fantastic expedition to the ponds to primarily look for amphibians. I'll put the photos up eventually when I get the time. Which reminds me, I also need to make a few Scotland and Spain posts from my trip in late February.

Anyways, some highlights from the night include my first American Toad (calling), Northern Leopard Frog (calling) and Gray Treefrogs of the year. These are the earliest I have had all 3 species. I also found a female Four-toed Salamander on territory, the earliest I've had that by a full month! Spring Peeper numbers are up, but very few Chorus Frogs were calling which is a bit worrying.

Several Great Blue Herons were seen which was a year bird for me (surprisingly). We also had Sandhill Cranes, Eastern Phoebe, Eastern Meadowlark, Wood Duck etc at dusk and several pairs of Screech-owls calling again.

In a few hours I am leaving for Pelee for three days. The weather forecast is HOT and relatively calm...hopefully I will get a crazy early migrant or too! I would predict a Blue-grey Gnatcatcher, Louisiana Waterthrush, and some cool swallows, but that would be jinxing it....


  1. Josh,

    Forget about those early birds! Point Pelee desperately needs its first-ever March record for Spring Azure (April 1 is the earliest).

    They have already been seen in Windsor, which has a much warmer micro-climate. Any day now the first one might be found at Tilden's Woods.

  2. Alan,

    Its funny you mention that! I had one today on the Woodland trail about 40 meters south of the VC. I'll return tomorrow (with my camera!).

  3. Louisiana and Pine Warbler are just across the lake.

    The weather lady said this is a once in 500 years occurence.

    Anything can happen!

  4. I got a Cabbage White in Cambridge March 19. I don't know if it's early