Thursday 3 January 2013

Birding update: A first provincial record in Nova Scotia

Hey, finally a real birding update! I have been in Nova Scotia since December 26th and have got out a few times looking for birds.

The first chance I had was December 29 when Laura, her friend Jocilyn, and I went to Hope for Wildlife, the wildlife rehab place where Laura has worked for several summers. Almost immediately after getting out of the car, I took a look at the few ducks on the lake beside the rehab and saw a nice male Eurasian Wigeon. Not a bad start! There were a few Ring-necked Ducks as well, a new Nova Scotia bird for me. Since I am currently without a camera I was forced to taking pictures with my phone through my binoculars. Even getting a blurry picture of a bird is quite a feat using that technique!

Eurasian Wigeon - Seaforth, Nova Scotia (December 29, 2012)

Yesterday, Laura had an appointment so I ducked off for about an hour and took a look at a Pine Warbler that was coming to someone's bird feeder near Windsor, Nova Scotia. Like Eurasian Wigeons, they are uncommon but regular in Nova Scotia this time of year. Not a huge rarity by any means, but a good bird!

That afternoon I braved the -12 temperature and strong winds with Laura's family and we checked out the waterfront at Point Pleasant Park. I was "pleasantly" surprised (see what I did there?) to come across a little group of 6 foraging Purple Sandpipers on the algae-covered rocks, as well as a few Black Guillemots offshore. As expected, Common Eiders were everywhere, but for an inlander like me, they are always a welcome sight!

Finally, today I was able to chase the Ross's Goose which was reported at Hartlen Point, near Dartmouth. It was a first provincial record and found January 1 by Mike King. It was associating with a flock of what apperaed to be Lesser Snow Geese. All 10 birds were right where they were supposed to be, feeding on the lawn of the golf course. Sweet!

Ross's Goose (left) and Snow Geese - Hartlen Point, N.S. (January 3, 2013)

Snow Geese and Ross's Goose (2nd from left) - Hartlen Point, N.S. (January 3, 2013)

I have had bad luck in the past chasing rarities in Nova Scotia, failing with all three attempt prior to today (Little Egret, Pink-footed Goose, and Spotted Towhee) so it was good to finally get on the board.

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