Friday, 30 October 2015

Pink-footed Goose - new to Ontario

Earlier this evening, Brandon Holden sent an email to myself and several others with a link to a blog post by Jacques Bouvier, a local birder in Eastern Ontario. In the blog post was a picture of a Pink-footed Goose that he had photographed near the LaFleche landfill near Moose Creek, Ontario. This is partway between Ottawa and Cornwall.

The blog post in question can be viewed here:

This is a first record for Ontario, though a long overdue one. Pink-footed Goose is a European species that has become more common in eastern North America in recent years. Extremely rare in North America until the late 1990s, there are now multiple sightings each year in eastern North America. Some have been seen quite close to the Ontario border, but this is the first from Ontario soil.

Needless to say there will be a lot of birders scouring the geese flocks in Eastern Ontario tomorrow, hoping that the bird is still around!


  1. Within 20 years they might become routine in Ontario!

  2. A bird is a bird...yawn lol

  3. A bird is a bird....passed by many rare ones in my day....yawn lol

  4. Saw and passed by many a good bird and conversed with a few good birders like AW and MR on occasion. Always nice to see your posts...somebody has to take the reins. FM.

  5. Have seen a few rare ones in my time with AW and MR too... Still walking the Sheltie on the NW beach. FM.