Sunday, 22 May 2011

Some highlights from Windsor

While I haven't made it to Pelee nearly enough this spring, not all is lost. Because I am working in the Ojibway area of Windsor, decent numbers of migrants can be found easily, even when I am "working". Some highlights so far:

Northern Goshawk: I spotted a juvie bird circling on a hot sunny day. Russ Jones had it the next day chase a green heron out of a woodlot!

Common Raven: Regular back home, but very uncommon in Essex County. Yesterday, one flew over my study site calling while being harassed by crows.

Acadian Flycatcher: One was present for a few days in the Spring-garden area. I found it on May 10 and it was seen that evening by Jon Pleizier, Shane Butnari, and Russ Jones. Seen on the 11th as well. 

Kentucky Warbler: On May 11, I was present in a field while a group of planters where relocating native tallgrass species. I saw a few warblers in some nearby poplars. A bit of pishing produced a gorgeous Kentucky warbler, which approached to within 10 feet of me.

Connecticut Warbler: One male heard and seen at close range in the Spring-garden area.

Cerulean Warbler: Two singing males!

And of course, Eastern Foxsnakes:

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