Monday, 20 June 2011


Sorry I've been MIA, but work has been hectic as usual and I did not have internet this weekend (yes, weekend - first days off in 3 weeks!). I'll update tonight or tomorrow night after work. Lots of new Butterfly photos to come. As well I found a Hoary Edge in Windsor, but no photos as I didn't have my camera with me.

Also - I will be hopefully going on a Bobwhite hunt in the next few days! Todd Pepper and Rosann Kovalcik found a pair in Ojibway a few days ago - if these are indeed wild birds, they are the first that I have heard of in the Windsor area for quite some time! A link to their ontbirds post:
The location is about 500 meters from my study site - yet another rarity found in my "backyard" this spring! (On top of Western Tanager and Yellow-crowned Night-Heron).

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  1. Interesting about the Bobwhite at Ojibway. Lately I've considered the Bobwhite at Walpole Island the only true native ones left in Ontario. Even now they are extremely few and far between on Walpole and difficult to find. I've always worked just across from the north end of the island and heard them daily, but not in many many years. We used to find them occasionally around Wallaceburg, but not anymore.
    Hope you find them!