Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The big list

I stated earlier that I would make my bird list available as the year goes on. Apparently, Blogger (the site that my blog is hosted on) doesn't allow someone to upload a file directly to their blog. Instead I'm using a file sharing site. Essentially I upload my spreadsheet containing my big year list to the file sharing site, and this site hosts it and makes it publicly available. I've created a link in the upper right hand corner of my blog (above my photo and short bio) that lets you download the spreadsheet.  I'll update it frequently as the year goes on. Hopefully this works!

The first tab of the big list contains a list of all the species of birds on the Ontario list. I have the species ranked based on how likely I am to see them (remember the codes?). As you can see by scrolling down to the bottom I have 215 species ranked as code 1 (meaning that these 215 species are guaranteed on my big year), 66 as code 2, 38 as code 3, 39 as code 4, 63 as code 5, and 62 as code 6.

The second tab of the spreadsheet contains all the Ontario species in phylogenetic order.

The third tab of the spreadsheet contains all the species in chronological order. Whenever I see a new year bird, I'll add it.

Good birding!


  1. I've had some issues with Blogger as well, but I guess you get what you pay fun doing your Big Year! The Great Gray Owl is still hanging out here in Kingsville :)

  2. We'll be tuned in to your adventures this year!
    Good luck.

  3. You could just make another page and type the birds you see on it and keep a running tally that way. That's what I did before I switched to wordpress. You can see the page at this link -

    You could number as you go as well to show how many species you have seen so your viewers do not have to count! Good luck and if you have any questions you can email me!

    -Tim Schreckengost

  4. Look forward to hearing about your year! It sounds like there is still a Black-headed Gull and 2 Kittiwakes being seen near Buffalo, and at least 1 Harlequin Duck above the falls. Not to mention those Black Vultures.

    Do you count birds that you saw from Ontario, but were actually over NY land/water?

  5. Marianne - I'll be down your way Tuesday :)

    Tim - thanks for your suggestion on making new pages as I had no idea that was possible!

    Brandon - I'm only counting birds that are in Ontario waters/airspace etc. So hopefully those vultures fly over the river periodically!!!