Sunday, 22 April 2012

Really quick post today because I'm using my phone... Today was really cool and windy, and very few birds were in the park. Marianne Reid found a Yellow-throated warb, and I think that was it for really good birds! No sign of the Bell's Vireo today. I birded for a few hours with Kory Renaud and we were happy to turn up a Prairie Warbler near Sparrow Field, presumably the same one that was present yesterday. That was my only year bird in the park. I received news around 11:00 that a Western Tanager was coming to a feeder on the Bruce Peninsula! Thanks to Ethan Meleg it was arranged for me to visit the homeowners and see the bird. I arrived around 6 PM and immediately had it on the feeder! I managed some shots which I will post eventually. This was my second lifer in 2 days and a code-4 rarity. I also picked up another year bird in Brewers Blackbird, giving me 210 so far. A Say's Phoebe is currently in Carden Plains, found by Maris Apse today. Unfortunately I have prior commitments tomorrow and can't chase it, but if it is still around I'll go Tuesday! The crazyness has begun...


  1. I doubt that Stu can chase them. I missed Saye's
    Phoebe by 30 minutes and Vermilion Flycatcher by
    30 minutes. If you want 340 you can not hesitate.
    On the other hand it is crazy. But the best kind
    of crazy.

  2. Congrats on the lifer! Very cool bird!

  3. Awesome bird and photos. Keep it up Josh!

  4. Where/when was the Vermillion Flycatcher?