Monday, 30 April 2012

Welcome to May

It was the last day of April today, and finally some new birds moved into the park! As usual I started out at the tip first thing to do my survey. It was pretty windy and quiet, but the Eared Grebe was still swimming around at the edge of the merganser flock and a recently arrived Marsh Wren was seen at the tram stop. I thought I heard another one rattling away right at the very tip!

It was a little quiet in the park and then the rains came. I made it back just in time and contemplated my options. 1) Have a nap, 2) Get soaked and walk around in the park, and 3) Check for grounded shorebirds. I did the latter, and despite some extensive searching in the fields/shorelines/Hillman Marsh, I couldn't turn anything up that was too interesting. Warbling Vireo at Hillman as well as White-crowned Sparrows were new birds for the year.

I went back in the park and had fun watching some sparrows (2 late American Tree Sparrows were the highlight). Soon after I received a text from Sarah that Dan Salisbury had found a Le Conte's Sparrow near Sanctuary. I met up with Dan, and after about 20 minutes of waiting unsuccessfully, I decided to walk up the beach a bit. It didn't take long until I flushed a streaky sparrow with an orange rump from the grasses! I got a few glimpses of it skulking around, confirming my suspicions that it was a Le Conte's. This was a lifer! They weren't the greatest looks but I'm sure I'll get better ones at Rainy River this summer. Dan and I spent a bit of time birding in the area, and I picked up my first Baltimore Oriole and Orange-crowned Warbler of the year. Later that afternoon I heard and saw a male Orchard Oriole at the visitor centre, yet another year bird. This brings me up to 231 after the end of April.

Orange-crowned Warbler - April 30, 2012

I thought I would take the time to post a few more photos from the last few days, now that I have the time/internet access at Rick's place. :)

Yellow-rumped Warbler - April 28, 2012

I kinda like this shot of a Blue-headed Vireo.

Blue-headed Vireo - April 28, 2012

Great Horned Owl - April 27, 2012

2nd Point Pelee record of Common Raven since 1970 - April 27, 2012

Really tired - time for bed. These 5 AM mornings are starting to catch up with me...

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  1. Interesting that ebird seems to eat Raven sightings from Essex county. I have two just outside the park on May 13th last year.