Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Pelee wish list

Another crappy mobile post... Pelee has been largely unimpressive this spring. I haven't had more than maybe 3 days where you didn't really need to work hard for the birds! Most days there are very few migrants around. However I am still adding good birds slowly. Since my last update I have added Connecticut and Worm-eating Warbler, as well as American White Pelican, among a few more common species to give me 294. The Wormie was especially nice, since it was a new 'self found' bird. Yesterday I had a Yellow-headed Blackbird at the tip, and while it wasn't a year bird, it was a new Pelee bird for me. I had thought that I would spend most of May driving around like a madman, chasing rarities. Well that just hasn't happened and I've left southern ON exactly once to chase a rarity since April 26! I shouldn't complain though, since I've seen a good percentage of the birds I needed to get before leaving Pelee. There are a few left though. The following birds are species that I will have very little chance for the rest of the year if I don't get them in the next two weeks at Pelee. They are: -Laughing Gull -Mississippi Kite -Kirtland's Warbler -Henslow's Sparrow -Dickcissel (decent chance of them elsewhere in the summer most years) Additionally I would really like to get at least two species of rare herons/ibis, as well as Western Sandpiper, King Rail, and Bobwhite in the next two weeks.

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  1. Be patient, pandemonium will be breaking out very soon!