Wednesday, 19 September 2012

More Pelee photos...

Here are the rest of the photos from my road trip!

On my last day in the Pelee area I spent some time taking some photos of warblers along the West Beach footpath. The north winds seemed to bring some new birds into the park and I tallied about 15 species of warblers. I finally got my first photos of Blackpoll, Pine, and Bay-breasted Warblers for the year!

Blackpoll Warbler - Point Pelee NP

I also finally grabbed a crappy record shot for Philadelphia Vireo as well! The only vireo I still need to photograph this year is the abundant Warbling Vireo, and I think I may have missed the boat. Funny how it goes sometimes! I missed Black-billed Cuckoo, Alder Flycatcher, Mourning Warbler, and Marsh Wren too.

Philadelphia Vireo - Point Pelee NP

They following day was the visit to Rondeau Provincial Park with friends Chris and Pauline. I didn't photograph much, but this Turkey Vulture soared right overhead so I had to grab a shot.

Turkey Vulture - Rondeau PP

This Peregrine Falcon was a nice surprise too! Also a new photographed bird for the year...

Peregrine Falcon - Rondeau PP

That afternoon I was lucky to find a Snow Goose at the Blenheim lagoons. This was my earliest autumn migrant for southern Ontario by nine days.

Snow Goose - Blenheim lagoons

Yellow-rumped Warbler from Blenheim...

Yellow-rumped Warbler - Blenheim lagoons

The Ridgetown lagoons were productive - highlights being Red Knot, Red-necked Phalarope, and American Golden-Plover (in that order).

Red Knot - Ridgetown lagoons

Red-necked Phalarope and friends - Ridgetown lagoons

American Golden-plover and Red Knot - Ridgetown lagoons

One morning at Pelee I was happy to come face to face with a big momma Snapping Turtle. She was just ambling along one of the dirt concessions north of the park, so I helped her across to the ditch she was heading to. I'm glad I got to her before another vehicle did since there are always way to many dead turtles on the roads. One wonders how someone can be so blind when they are driving that they don't see a monstrous turtle! Either that, or they have a limited mental capacity and enjoy hitting them (seems likely since many dead turtles are on the shoulder of the road). At any rate, this one will live to see another day!

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