Monday, 24 September 2012

Pelagic results, Pelee for two days, and SPOTTED REDSHANK report?

Sorry for the lack of posts in the last few days - I have been pretty busy!Regarding the pelagic I went on from Hamilton, check out the ONTbirds posts from Gavin.

This afternoon 14 birders chartered a boat for a pelagic cruise of the west end of Lake Ontario. We left Bronte Harbour and sailed across the lake into a strong wind towards Fifty Point then circled around the shore in the shelter of land back to Bronte. The cross lake leg was mostly devoid of gulls and the few we saw showed little interest in our chum. However it was in this zone that we had our two best birds. The first was thought by some to be a dark immature Long-tailed Jaeger however other opinions were voiced. Not long after we had spectacular views of an pale adult Parasitic Jaeger. Along the south shore we saw some White-winged Scoters and other ducks. Several loons presumed to be Common Loons were seen. Off Burlington Beach we crashed a Ring-billed Gull party and persuaded them to come with us back to Bronte with the gift of popcorn. Two birders briefly saw a Sabines Gulls among the Ring-billed Gulls but sadly I was not one of them even though I was flanked by the two who did.
Logistics: The boat was Veterans Dream, a Grand Banks 42 Classic with a full walk around deck. She suited our needs admirably. More information is available at Guy Smith was our captain for the afternoon. He normally does fishing charters but was quite happy to meet our peculiar needs. This year his season will end at the beginning of October but he normally goes to the end of that month. Thanks are owed to Cheryl Edgecombe who encouraged me to make the booking. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
Gavin Edmondstone
Oakville, Ontario

3 idiots on the boat - photo courtesy of Barb Charlton!

So to sum it up, we didn't see much! But it was an enjoyable ride out in the boat with good company. Out of the interesting birds listed, the only one I got was the adult Parasitic Jaeger. Thanks Gavin for arranging it, and maybe the next time the birds will be a bit more cooperative!


Anyways, the last 2 days I have been in the Pelee area looking for the Red Phalarope and Pacific Loon that were reported. Long story short, I didn't get either! I missed the Red Phalarope by about an hour and ended up walking the east beach for about 12 kilometers the first day...oh well, you win some, you lose some.

Regarding the Pacific Loon, I didn't even see a Common Loon!


And finally, I saw that a SPOTTED REDSHANK was posted to Ontbirds from the Toronto area this evening? We are all scrambling to get details, but if this bird is legit I will be on site bright and early. There are 4 previous Ontario records!

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  1. Glenn Coady and I will be there at 6:30am to take a peak at this "redshank" Josh you bring the timbits please.