Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Leps from work

This afternoon I took a bit of time to try out my new lens. I have owned it for a more than a week and used it a few times, but that was mostly for documentation purposes. Today was fairly overcast and I noticed quite a bit of activity with the butterflies, so I dragged the lens out into the field. 

Some of the first butterflies I noticed were some skippers low in the sedges of the tallgrass prairie. Here is a Least: 

Least Skipper - Windsor, Ontario

 and presumably, a Little Glassywing.

Little Glassywing - Windsor, ON

This was the only American Lady seen -it was frequenting a patch of Ironweed.

American Lady - Windsor, Ontario

It didn't take me long before I decided to chase after some of the swallowtails, working a bunch of Ironweed and Dense Blazingstar. I was happy to get close to a pair of Giant Swallowtails and grab my first shots of this species.

Giant Swallowtail - Windsor, Ontario

 This Black Swallowtail was an easy photo subject. The clouds had lifted at this point, making the light slightly harsher.

Black Swallowtail - Windsor, Ontario

Black Swallowtail - Windsor, Ontario

Also observed were Eastern Tiger and Spicebush Swallowtails. It was easy to miss a lot of the skippers with the big, gaudy species vying for attention. I did snap a few photos.

Silver-spotted Skippers were seen from far away as they patrolled many of the flowering plants.

Silver-spotted Skipper - Windsor, Ontario

There were a few small, whitish butterflies down low in the grasses. I managed to get a good look at an Acadian Hairstreak as well as photograph Eastern Tailed-Blue and Summer Azure.
Eastern Tailed-Blue - Windsor, Ontario

Summer Azure - Windsor, Ontario
A few Hummingbird Clearwings were see and I was happy to get a photo I was quite happy with, even though I didn't freeze the wings.

Hummingbird Clearwing - Windsor, ON

Monarch - Windsor, ON


  1. Great shots. I can't say I've every seen/heard about a Hummingbird Clearwing. Thanks for sharing. Nice lens btw. Can I ask what lens it is?

  2. I'm thinking it is a Crossline that you have labeled as Black Dash?
    Is the "Broad-winged" possibly a Leonard's? Leonard's should be out now. I'm just not seeing Broad-winged, but what do I know? Broad-winged would be exclusively in sedges--very weak flyer that is not seen far from sedges.

  3. Dwayne,
    The lens is a Nikon 300mm f/4 Af -s. Its minimum focusing distance is 5 feet, making it a pretty good butterfly lens.
    Thanks for the ID's Blake. They seem about right!

  4. Josh, Could the Viceroy on Dense Blazingstar be a Monarch? It lacks the telltale fieldmark of the black line crossing the veins on the hindwing. A gentle correction and I might be mistaken. Brilliant photos!

  5. Whoops, I did label it wrong. That's what I get for rushing the post!