Thursday, 8 December 2011

Winter bird list update

*****To those who don't care at all about the "Ontario winter list", or listing in general, I apologize for this post. More interesting content (actual birding, etc) will be posted soon enough!*****

Since my post on Ontbirds about the Ontario winter bird list a few days ago, my inbox has been flooded with additional reports. As well, some people have asked me where some select species have been found, so I thought I would quickly highlight the recent additions to the list over the last 2 days here, as opposed to spamming Ontbirds with an additional report. I'll send another report to the listserv in a week.

I sent Blake an email with 11 additional species, and he has already posted the update onto his site ( The 11 new species are:

Brant : December 5 - present (Trenton)
Barrow's Goldeneye : late November to present (Oshawa)
Dunlin : December 3 (Erieau harbour)
Northern Hawk Ow l: December 7 (waaaay up north near Attawapiskat)
Great Gray Owl : December 5 to present (waaaay up north near Attawapiskat)
Red-headed Woodpecker : December 6 (the Pinery). Most likely a wintering family
Varied Thrush : November 29 to present (west of Thunder Bay)
Orange-crowned Warbler : December 2 to December 3 (Highland Woods, London)
Chipping Sparrow : several reports
Field Sparrow : several reports
Red Crossbill : several reports.

There have been an additional 13 species which I have heard about recently, and thus their presence isn't indicated on Blake's site yet. They are:
Pacific Loon : December 3 (Prince Edward Point)
Great Egret : December 3 (Luther Marsh)
Spotted Sandpiper : December 7 (Long Sault Parkway)
Wilson's Snipe : December 10 (Rondeau area)
Long-eared Owl : December 10 (Bronte)
Northern Saw-whet Owl : December 2 (near Ottawa)
Eastern Phoebe : December 8 (Ayr, near Cambridge)
Black-billed Magpie : December 4 (Thunder Bay area)
Ruby-crowned Kinglet : December 1 (Oshawa's Second Marsh)
Eastern Towhee : seen in December, photo taken, but haven't verified dates yet
Spotted Towhee : November 13 to present (Longlac)
Clay-colored Sparrow : December 3 (Kingston area)
Hoary Redpoll : December 4 (Rainy River area)

This brings us to 185 species for the winter birding season so far, with lots of time left to break 200! Some possible species which I haven't heard any reports of so far, include:

Eurasian Wigeon (though there was one in the Ottawa area on the Quebec side)
Blue-winged Teal
either Ptarmigan (who wants to go to Hudson's Bay?)
Virginia Rail
many shorebirds, including Black-bellied Plover, Lesser Yellowlegs, American Woodcock etc
Boreal Owl
House Wren
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
Townsend's Solitaire
Pine Warbler
Vesper Sparrow
Brewer's Blackbird
Baltimore Oriole


  1. Don,t apologise every one has a delete key

    Keep up the great work

    Ian W

  2. Blue winged teal observed December 7th on Niagara River at control gates.

  3. Thanks Peeter. Did you observe it? I've read through several Niagara posts from that day and see no mention of a Blue-winged Teal.