Monday, 2 January 2012

Mountain Bluebird photo

Brian Husband, one of the original finders of the Mountain Bluebird, kindly allowed me to post a photo of his that he took of the bird yesterday. Good birding!

Mountain Bluebird - south of Guelph
Photo is copyright Brian C. Husband, 2012. Do not use without permission from him.


  1. Most of the credit for this one should go to Brian, who decided we should turn around and go have a closer look at the blob on the wire. Also, the third "finder" was John Gerrath (not Brian Gerrath, as listed below). Thanks for spreading the word, Josh!


  2. Great find guys. Thanks for posting. I'd be happy just to see an Eastern Bluebird!

  3. A very nice find, and congrats to Brian! Nice shot!

  4. My mistake Paul - it has been corrected. Once again, great find!

  5. I found your blog from another blog I follow, I look forward to following your "Big Year". Being able to add a Mountain Bluebird while still in Ontario has to be a good omen. :)