Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Tomorrow afternoon I will be headed on a jet to Scotland. My girlfriend Laura is currently a vet student at the University of Edinburgh, and with her finishing exams this week now is a perfect time to visit! I will be gone until March 4th. I haven't been to Europe for about 13 years, and I've never looked for birds there, so I am excited to see some new birds. We will be spending a weekend in Spain as well.

When I was planning the Big Year, this seemed like a perfect time to be out of the province for several weeks. Not only did it co-ordinate well with Laura's schedule, it is also traditionally a very slow time for rarities in Ontario. However, given the rash of rarities in the province as of late, I am not so sure about that!

The bird list (see the side panel) has been updated. Good birding everyone, and please don't find any rarities while I am away! Or at least, make them stick around for a few weeks.

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