Sunday, 6 May 2012

Quick update

I've been kinda neglecting the blog a little bit...not for lack of effort, but after waking up at 5 every morning, birding hard all day, and having maybe an hour or two in the evening before going to bed, I haven't really had the time to go through photos or make posts.

The last two days have been decent, though I have only added 5 new species. Two of them are code 3 species however. Yesterday, while walking along the beach looking for butterflies with Steve Pike, he turned up a young male Summer Tanager. Later that day, while walking along the north end of the park near the beach with Steve and Alan Wormington, we came across an older male Summer Tanager.

Today, Michael Biro found a Lark Sparrow in the Northwest Beach parking lot. This was a code-3 species I didn't think I would get at Pelee! Fortunately for me, once everyone left, I got great closeup looks at the bird as it perched 10 feet beside my car (by "my" car I mean Ken's car).

Lark Sparrow - Point Pelee National Park

The birding should continue to get better! A Chestnut-collared Longspur was reported from near London predictions for Point Pelee tomorrow is a 1st alternate Kirtland's Warbler along the West Beach somewhere.

Time for sleep...


  1. Caution on the longspur .... might not be what it was reported as!

  2. Did you get my predicted Laughing Gull?

  3. Al, doing any pishing?

    "*A reminder, please, that pishing and use of recordings or other attractant
    devices is prohibited in Point Pelee National Park. We would hope that
    people follow the birding ethics protocol while patiently waiting for views
    of birds.*

  4. Fred,

    Point Pelee is turning into a freak show.