Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Read this on ONTbirds a few minutes ago...

Reporting for Bill Gilmour and Doug McRae. Tonite at 7:10 a Thick-billed Kingbird is being seen just east of the bridge at the Calf Pasture just where the first cottage begines on along Bayshore Drive. Mark Presquile is well posted from the 401 and is in the town of Brighton. Mark Ansell 
Needless to say this is a first record for Ontario - the first new bird since2010, when we had 2 provincial firsts (Yellow-nosed Albatross and Anna's Hummingbird), both which weren't chaseable.

WOW! I guess I will see many of the birders who read this blog at some point tomorrow morning down at Presquille...

Oh and by the way, I dipped on the Brown Pelican today. Damn pelicans.


  1. Good luck (as I sit in my Mississauga hotel room). Wish I could chase but work is getting in the way!!

    1. Hey Kory - you're not going to Presquile without me!

      Good luck, Josh!!!

  2. That Brown Pelican is likely to turn up again. Then again, the remnants of Isaac look to be heading dead-on to Point Pelee by late Sunday. My prediction if this really happens? Point Pelee's first-ever (and long overdue) Magnificent Frigatebird!