Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Thank you

My big year attempt couldn't have been done without the countless people who have helped me along the way.  It would be a very long post and I would inevitably forget someone if I tried to list everyone who helped in some small way, so I will try to keep it relatively short. Thank you... my family both in Ontario as well as my family in Nova Scotia for all the help and support along the way. Mom and Dad, I really appreciate everything that you have done as I went on this crazy adventure, and for encouraging me throughout the year, even when things were looking a little dire! Laura, thanks for all your support throughout the year :) all of you who had provided me with a meal or a place to stay. Some of my trips wouldn't have been possible (for instance, my northern trip to get the Gray-crowned Rosy Finch and Spotted Towhee) without the hospitality of the people along the way. Barb Charlton for her optimism, great companionship, and fantastic homemade wraps on that week long northern trip!

A constant theme this year seemed to involve my car and its troubles (often brought on by wild animals, such as White-tailed Deer in Blenheim and Wild Turkeys at Point Quite a few birders in the Pelee area provided me with accomodation/meals/even a "replacement vehicle" (thanks, Ken!) while mine was getting fixed. Alan Wormington for planning our Netitishi trip and all his help with my car problems in early November, on a deserted road in the middle of nowhere! the usual crew of birders who accompanied me on various trips throughout the year. Brett, Erika, Dave, Brandon, Ken, Mike, Barb, Reuven, Mark, Ross, Chris, Pauline, and others. the University of Guelph Wildlife Club for its epic parties, fantastic trips, and overall great times! Mark Peck, Christian Friis, and everyone else who was a part of organizing the James Bay expedition in the summer. I had a great crew and we had some fantastic birds! all of you who had called/texted/emailed me about rare birds at some point this year. One of the great things about the birding community is how helpful and open most people are about sharing bird sightings. I wouldn't have got anywhere close to where I did without everyone else's birds that I heard about. my employer this summer for providing me with the ideal contract length for what I wanted to accomplish this year, and sending me to Rainy River not once but twice! all of you who gave me advice/encouragement/etc throughout the year. Thanks!


  1. You're welcome! I'm glad things worked out so well.

  2. Josh, thanks for keeping us entertained all year!