Monday 18 March 2013

More from the Western Grebe photoshoot

Here are a few more shots from the grebe bonanza on March 16th at Colonel Sam Smith Park in Toronto.

I must say, it was a nice change to spend some time focused solely on photography, as opposed to birding while taking the occasional oppurtunistic photo. It had been a while since I had done that despite that being a New Years Resolution of mine. By watching the Red-necked and Western Grebe interact for over an hour, I learned a lot more about each species than I normally would as a birder.

Western Grebe - Toronto, Ontario

This is another example of the "cormorant wing stretch" that this bird seemed to enjoy doing every 10 minutes or so. I am not sure if it was actually trying to dry the wings somewhat, or if it was some sort of display.

Western Grebe - Toronto, Ontario

Another example of the "bellyflop display". About half a second after assuming this pose, it was then bellyflop in a not so graceful manner!

Western Grebe - Toronto, Ontario

Every now and then a Red-necked Grebe would tell it off.

Western and Red-necked Grebes - Toronto, Ontario

And to close, a basic "field guide style" shot.

Western Grebe - Toronto, Ontario

It certainly wasn't an "ideal" photoshoot - I wish I was lower to the water (my lens was about 30 inches above the surface), there could have been fewer ripples, and the birds could have been just a touch closer. But all told, I was pretty happy to get a series of a Western Grebe, especially since it is a rarity in Ontario.


dwaynejava said...

Great photography Josh... Both of these Grebes would be life birds for me. (drool)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dwayne. Congrats on your great Florida trip by the way - I love that oystercatcher photo you posted.