Sunday 28 April 2013

Rainy times at pelee with a few good birds

Today was a pretty typical late April day at Point Pelee. Warblers and other migrants were extremely few and far between, with the odd mixed species flock being present (and containing mostly Pine, Palm, Black-throated Green and Yellow-rumped Warblers). But generally, I had to really work for the birds today!

The highlight of the day was when Kory texted me about a Sedge Wren he found - on the Woodland Nature Trail, no less. I walked to the site, and joined up with Marianne Reid-Balkwill and Jeremy Hatt. After staking out the area for a good 20 minutes, Jeremy and Marianne continued on their way. About 30 seconds later I nearly stepped on the wren as it flushed up into a brush pile! I called Jeremy, and he and Marianne arrived momentarily to enjoy the bird.

Sedge Wren - April 28, 2013

This was a new Point Pelee bird for me - my first new Pelee bird  in three weeks. At one point it hopped up onto a branch, allowing me an attempt at a clear photo. Unfortunately I was slow to the draw and just missed the opportunity!

Sedge Wren - April 28, 2013

After waiting out the rain for a bit, I grew restless and so bundled up to brave the elements. Parking at Sleepy Hollow, I walked all the way to Northwest Beach and back, looking for sparrows in the dunes and scrubby areas near the beach. This was actually a fair bit of fun and I found a few roving flocks. One flock held 15 Field Sparrows and a lone American Tree Sparrow, my first in a few days and likely my last until next winter.

Near the south end of Northwest Beach I flushed an Ammodramus sparrow - another Grasshopper Sparrow! This was my second in two days. I owed Kory Renaud for the Sedge Wren earlier - he managed to catch up with the Grasshopper Sparrow later in the afternoon.

From here I met up with David Bell at Hillman Marsh (he was looking at a flock of Willets), and after a bit of shorebirding we were about to call it quits when we received word from Jeremy Hatt about a Worm-eating Warbler at nearby Kopegaron Woods. Needless to say this was a great bird, so we drove up there and found it with Jeremy relatively quickly. Only my 4th ever.

Worm-eating Warbler - April 28, 2013

Worm-eating Warbler - April 28, 2013

While it was another slow day, the few quality birds made up for the weather and general lack of Passerines. Tonight looks like interesting weather and it will probably be better tomorrow in the park. It certainly can't get any slower!


Alan Wormington said...

Kripes, now you are one species closer on the Pelee List LOL.

Anonymous said...

And I added Painted Bunting - I'll catch you in no time!

Alan Wormington said...

Yea, like in 72 years!