Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Created Caracara in Michipicoten, Algoma District

(From my Ontbirds post)

An update on the bird:

After refinding the Caracara in Michipicoten, we watched the bird for about 15 minutes until David Pryor, Barb Charlton and Tyler Hoar arrived, at which point the bird was perched in a tree at the intersection of Whitney Street and Superior Street. After some time the bird flew to the northeast and we relocated it on a lawn located on the south side of Brock Avenue, just west of the intersection with Queen Street. There is a lighthouse shaped shed in the backyard here. It was still walking around on the lawn when we left at 9:40 AM.   

Michipicoten is located on the west side of Highway 17, just south of Wawa. 

Good birding,
Josh Vandermeulen
Jeremy Bensette
Steve Charbonneau
Henrique Pacheco


Allen Woodliffe said...

Nice ones, Josh....I guess the drive was worth it!

Nick from Ottawa said...

Great get! With the Cobden Thick-billed Murre, two new Ontario birds not on your list (below) of those expected sooner or later...

Josh Vandermeulen said...

Many thanks, Allen! A long drive, but definitely worth it to have a photoshoot from 20 feet away!

Josh Vandermeulen said...

Thanks Nick! The unexpected ones are the best.