Sunday, 22 May 2011

Up and running

So after holding out for quite some time, I've finally jumped in and started a blog. As it's title suggests the main theme of this blog will be the herps and birds that are found in Ontario. Over the past few years I have spent a lot of days out in the field searching for herps and as a result I have photographed the majority of the species in Ontario, such as this Eastern Massasauga.

Birding came naturally around 4 years ago, and so this has taken up much of my time recently as well. I'm relatively new at the game but I have seen a few interesting species so far. The search for vagrant birds is certainly enticing for me, and I hope to come across some in the near future.

I am currently based out of Windsor, Ontario where I am working for a consulting company. Highway 401 is being extended through the city of Windsor and a new bridge will be built in the near future. My job includes studying two species of Endangered snakes in the area - the Eastern Foxsnake and Butler's Gartersnake (see photo below) so that mitigation efforts will be as successful as possible.

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