Saturday 10 November 2012

Cave Swallow hunt

It is Cave Swallow time! Cave Swallow, along with Pacific Loon and Glossy Ibis, are the only code-3 birds I haven't seen yet this year. I missed the big push of Cave Swallows in late October in which 148 were seen in Hamilton, but a few seem to be kicking around on the north shore of Lake Erie with recent sightings from Erieau and from Port Burwell.

Additionally, south or west winds are forcasted for the next few days in southern Ontario. This looks like classic Cave Swallow weather! More should theoretically show up in the next few days. This is also the type of weather that should bring in Cattle Egrets.

Cattle Egret from Keswick

And since the second week of November is one of the best weeks all autumn for rarities, there is a good potential that other rarities could be blown in. I am thinking along the lines of Ash-throated Flycatcher, or maybe Sage Thrasher.

What this means, is that I am going to have to hang out in southwestern Ontario for a bit! I will be leaving shortly for Erieau to search for Cave Swallows. I will be also checking out all of the little harbours between Port Stanley and Point Pelee in the next few days and I expect to do a tip watch or two at Pelee as well. It should be fun!


Blake A. Mann said...

Sunday is the day!

Alan Wormington said...

At Point Pelee, Cave Swallow day will be Tuesday!

Blake A. Mann said...


Anonymous said...

I say Monday is the day, then.

Alan Wormington said...

I'll claim that all days will be good for chickadees!