Friday 7 June 2013

Beaver fever at Pelee

Back on April 29th, David Bell and I had the opportunity to see one of the almost mythical beavers at Point Pelee. I was looking back at some Pelee photos and realized that I never posted these, probably because that was the day that the Painted Bunting stole the show.

Anyways, so here we were, walking down the west beach at Point Pelee, when I spotted a medium-sized furry animal sitting on the beach. Raccoon?

On closer inspection it was a North American Beaver! Cool! There is a pretty good story that may or may not involve me sneaking up and and touching said beaver, but I better not admit to it in case park staff are reading ;)

Eventually, the beaver had enough of Dave and I and so it turned and continued "migrating" south along the west beach towards the tip.


David Bell said...

I may or may not have photos of said hypothetical event, didn't want to post for the same reason!

dannyscamp said...

I have photos of one large beaver and a smaller one and in their , den area taken at the Marsh Boardwalk recently Jacky De Jong and won a third prize ribbon for one of the photos at the Leamington Fair, they do exist