Saturday 1 June 2013

Lake Erie birding - May 30, 2013

Like I mentioned, on May 30th I spent a good chunk of the day touring the north Lake Erie shore from Fort Erie til somewhere between Nanticoke and Dunnville. It was hot and muggy out (I guess spring is finally here) and there were birds to be seen. Not exactly rare birds, bun "fun" birds nonetheless!

Whimbrels were one of the day's highlights. Even though their peak migration was past us, I was still able to find small numbers of them in 3 seperate locations, all between Fort Erie and the border with Haldimand County.

Whimbrels - foot of Kraft Road

I was starting to think that I might miss Whimbrel for the year, since their spring migration was all but over and I've never seen one before in the autumn in southern Ontario.

Whimbrels - foot of Kraft Road

Shorebirds were the big theme of the day, even though numbers were not phenomenal. The most abundant species was Semipalmated Sandpiper, with lesser numbers of Dunlin and Semipalmated Plover. 2 White-rumped Sandpipers and 2 Sanderlings were both year birds.

Black-bellied Plover and friends

Rock Point Provincial Park was a bit of a dead zone. Lots of gulls and Caspian Terns to pick through, but not so much of a sniff of a Least Tern or Black-tailed Gull.

Red pool of death - Rock Point Provincial Park

Rock Point Provincial Park

I checked out Port Maitland pretty thoroughly as well. Two Trumpeter Swans had been reported, and I found 2 black-billed swans which I assumed were the Trumpeters. Looking at them closely in the scope, it was pretty obvious they were both Tundra Swans.

These Buffleheads are probably wondering what they are doing in Dunnville on May 30th. Shouldn't you be in the boreal forest?

Buffleheads - west of Dunnville, ON

So there you go. Lots of rarity potential, but no rarities! That's how she goes sometimes....

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Alan Wormington said...

You forgot to mention the Eskimo Curlew!