Tuesday 26 January 2021

Smooth Rock Falls to Hearst Birding, Matachewan Mothing

June 15 - Balsam Lake, City of Kawartha Lakes

June 16 - Innisfil Area, Simcoe County

June 17 - Bala Area, Muskoka District

June 18 - From Bala to Elk Lake, Timiskaming District

June 19 - Elk Lake to Fraserdale

June 20 - Boreal Butterflies and Woodpeckers of Fraserdale

June 21 - Smooth Rock Falls to Heart Birding, Matachewan Mothing

June 22 - Matachewan to Hilliardton Marsh

June 23 - Purplish Coppers in Parry Sound District

I enjoyed a sleep in at the Moose Motel and spent some time catching up on emails, editing photos, and researching for the upcoming days. By late morning I left the motel and continued west. Today would mostly be a birding day along Highway 11, between Smooth Rock Falls and Hearst. 

Like many other birders, I keep more than a few lists. County-listing has become an interest of mine pretty much since I began birding, and Cochrane District is one of my "better" county lists. Over the years I have embarked on five rarity-filled expeditions to the coast of James Bay, several shorter autumn forays to Moosonee, and numerous trips during the spring and summer to complete breeding bird surveys for employers, so my Cochrane District list is one of the higher ones (behind Doug McRae and Alan Wormington, and possibly a few others). However, my Cochrane list still had several few holes that needed filling. Most of these are breeding species that reach the northern extent of their range in the southern part of the district - species like Bobolink, Virginia Rail, Black-billed Cuckoo and Pine Warbler. 

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