Tuesday 9 February 2021

Purplish Coppers in Parry Sound District


June 15 - Balsam Lake, City of Kawartha Lakes

June 16 - Innisfil Area, Simcoe County

June 17 - Bala Area, Muskoka District

June 18 - From Bala to Elk Lake, Timiskaming District

June 19 - Elk Lake to Fraserdale

June 20 - Boreal Butterflies and Woodpeckers of Fraserdale

June 21 - Smooth Rock Falls to Heart Birding, Matachewan Mothing

June 22 - Matachewan to Hilliardton Marsh

June 23 - Purplish Coppers in Parry Sound District

I set up my moth light and sheet at an observation platform overlooking one of the wetland cells at Hilliardton Marsh. Since this was my first year of regular mothing excursions, a lot of what I was attempting was trial and error. This evening I did not find very much at all, despite the warm temperatures and calm conditions. Perhaps the area was just too open, and maybe my moth light only pulls in species from a small radius. Moths found in the forests and scrubby areas surrounding the wetlands likely would not venture out into the open marsh. 

That being said, tens of thousands of insects visited the sheet, but over 99% of them were recently hatched leafhopper nymphs from the genus Macrosteles. It was quite the spectacle!

Leafhopper nymphs (Macrosteles sp.) - Hilliardton Marsh, Timiskaming District

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